A community within the community

A community within the community

Since 1995, Dali and Jin Lin have owned the Maple Pool campsite in Courtenay. The property on Headquarter Road contains 53 low-rent, year-round sites.

Most residents are single, along with a handful of families and children. Some of the tenants are considered ‘at risk,’ though Jin says there are a greater number of residents who are now working.

“It’s not easy to find a job a few years ago, but I see some residents have started to work,” she said. “I believe that extra income can help the quality of life. I like that.”

Along with affordable rent, Jin says there is a “sense of community living” at Maple Pool, which for several years had been the headquarters of a street soccer program. At times, however, the couple’s patience is stretched to the maximum.

“We are part of this unique community, aren’t we?” Jin said. “Everyone is different, however, all residents must follow simple guidelines of Maple Pool: no illicit drugs, no disturbing neighbours, no stealing. Bad people will be evicted, no matter how long it will take.”

She said the longest eviction took five years and several arbitrations.

“I have encouraged some residents to apply to BC Housing for the new modular homes. Some did send applications, and I do hope that they will be accepted.”