A time to reflect on our eyes

Across Canada from coast to coast, Canadians everywhere are being asked to celebrate May as Vision Health Month.

It is a time to stop and reflect on the health of our eyes and a time to contact those organizations that give support to those Canadians who have low vision or blindness — the Canadian National Institute of the Blind, the Canadian Council for the Blind and locally the Comox Valley White Cane Chapter.

These organizations generously offer service and support to those among us who, for various reasons, suddenly or slowly have lost the most precious part of their lives — sight.

Service is given by way of sight assessments and recommendations for equipment aids.

Support is provided on how to cope, where to go for help and how to carry on in a world that has darkened or slowly dimmed.

In the Comox Valley, there is such support — the White Cane Chapter, with affiliation to both the Canadian National Institute of the Blind and the Canadian Council of the Blind.

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month in the Comox Senior Centre on Beaufort Avenue at 1 p.m.

These meetings feature interesting speakers, social interaction and a way of taking that first step of learning how others cope.

These meetings are in need of sighted support and volunteers. Everyone is most welcome.

Early detection is the best form of treatment for vision loss. Protect your eyes at all times — wear those sunglasses even when the sun is not shining.

“A lack of sight is not a lack of vision.”

For more information, call the Comox Valley White Cane Chapter at 250-338-9904.

— Comox Valley White Cane Chapter