Comox Rotary smoked candied salmon is great for Christmas entertaining,. ADOBE STOCK IMAGE

Comox Rotary’s Christmas smokes salmon sale now available

Looking for premium smoked wild B.C. salmon for Christmas?

For just $30 per pound, you can help support Comox Rotary’s good works.

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Comox Rotary salmon is great for Christmas entertaining, but even better, the profits are used to support international projects, including water, sanitation, and educational projects in Honduras. How great is that? You can get the best-smoked salmon in the world and give a community clean water for Christmas.

Comox Rotary partners with Hardy Buoys from Port Hardy to provide the best of Vancouver Island sockeye salmon, hot smoked and candied. The salmon pieces are packaged in one-pound portions, vacuum-sealed and frozen for optimum freshness. You can even save a bit of money by ordering five pounds. Five pounds will cost you $125, a saving of $25.

The Comox Rotary Club has been making this popular Christmas-time treat available for over 15 years. In that time, numerous villages in Honduras have received the lifesaving gift of unpolluted drinking water and hundreds of children whose mothers make a subsistence living in the markets have been educated.

The Comox Rotary Club does good things locally too. If you take your children or grandchildren to the waterpark in the Comox Marina, then you have had the chance to see the club in action. The club has also been at the forefront of housing the homeless in the valley, supporting seniors and finding ways to make the Comox Valley a better place.


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