Comox Valley Arts is again offering its annual 30-Day Drawing Challenge.

Comox Valley Arts is again offering its annual 30-Day Drawing Challenge.

Comox Valley Arts offers 30-Day Drawing Challenge

Back for the seventh year in a row, Comox Valley Arts offers its annual 30-Day Drawing Challenge as a kickstart to the new year.

This much-loved event starts Jan. 2, as always.

Anyone can join in the challenge. You do not have to “know how to draw”. There are no judges, no standards to meet. There are no entry fees, no qualifications, no rules… except to draw. Draw once a day (at least) for 30 days.

When we’ve all been forced to cut back on gathering and activities, this old favourite may offer a sense of community. It’s always been a virtual event, and the 1,100-plus Facebook group members from all over the world have been connecting that way for years. New members are welcome at all times throughout the year. Join at

If you’ve never given yourself permission to “do” art… or if you’ve been thinking about getting back to art, this can be a great way to jumpstart your creative flow. And for those who actively create art, it provides a launchpad for new ideas and inspiration by offering unusual subjects and opportunities to get out of your routine.

It’s also a fun team-building project for work. Collaborating as a team is a great way to bring everyone together and build rapport. Business-friendly rivalries are fun sales boosters, and can foster surprising new cooperation and cross-promotion.

One aspect of the Drawing Challenge has been the spontaneous disbursement of art – for free, for auction, for sale. Many participants have chosen to use that as a small fundraiser for Comox Valley Arts. Others have left their art to be found in the forest, or at the beach… or on a table at Cornerstone Taphouse.

Much of the action takes place on social media – Facebook and Instagram in particular – but it’s not a requirement to join in that way. It’s perfectly great to just draw for yourself, and never share with anyone. But some enjoy the sharing and feedback, and find the group supportive and encouraging.

Past years have been easier for sharing. There won’t be a kickoff party, and likely not a wrap party this year, but organizers plan to host Zoom meet-ups, and present some fun how-to videos. They also encourage participants to get creative with new ways to share their work.

The drawing calendar will be released Jan. 1. It is available early, by donation, in electronic form. eTransfer donations to and we’ll send you a calendar right away.

Other ways to get the calendar, at zero cost, are:

– Join the Facebook Group

– Sign up for the Daily Drawing emails

– Follow CVA on Facebook or Instagram

– Check out the CVA Youtube Channel

– Visit

Comox Valley Arts is happy to be providing drawing kits to the CV Girls Group, CV Transition Society and Connect Warming Centre this year, with support from the BC Arts Council and the Province of BC.

A limited quantity of drawing kits are available for $30, which includes a sketchbook, drawing pencils and eraser, pencil sharpener and carrying pouch. These include a printed calendar.

Email to arrange for a kit.

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