Comox Valley RCMP briefs: Scammers, hot dogs in vehicles

Comox Valley RCMP cruiser

The bank does not need your help

On June 2, a scammer who claimed to be representing a bank called an elderly couple in the Comox Valley requesting their assistance with an investigation into fraudulent gift cards. This scammer convinced the couple to go out and purchase gift cards for Google Play and Sephora and call back with the card numbers and PIN numbers. The scammer told the couple that someone at the store would be in on the scam, to act natural, and not to call the police due to corruption.

The card numbers and PIN numbers allow the scammer to use the money on the gift cards. Typically, this money is used online for payment in other criminal transactions.

Comox Valley RCMP reminds residents that no bank will ever ask you to buy gift cards to assist with an investigation. If you are ever asked to purchase a gift card as a method of payment, it should be a clue that you might be getting involved in a scam.

For more information about current scams, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Don’t let your dog get too hot!

Since June 1, frontline members of the Comox Valley RCMP have responded to nine reports of hot dogs inside vehicles. Comox Valley RCMP reminds residents not to leave dogs inside parked vehicles, even with the windows cracked open.

If you see a dog in distress, call the BC SPCA Hotline at 1-855-622-7722 as soon as possible. The call centre will send out one of their constables and if one is not available, will assist with engaging additional emergency services who can assist.

For more information, visit the BC SPCA website to read about the dangers of leaving animals in hot cars.

Water safety

The Comox Valley is an outstanding area in the summer with so many opportunities to play in the water but please be safe out there.

Here are a few simple safety tips to remember:

• If you cannot swim, stay out of the water and seek the shade instead.

• Wear a personal flotation device. Tragedy can strike in an instant. Don’t assume that you will have time to put on a lifejacket.

• Watch your speed. Don’t race to the water and don’t race on the water. Speed is a major contributor to incidents on the roadways and on the water.

• Do not put your feet in fast moving water that is deeper than the length of your arm. If a foot becomes entrapped by rocky bottom in deep water, the current will eventually push the swimmer over face first into the water.

• If you are going to a less-traveled area, let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.

• Always remember that alcohol and water don’t mix. Impaired driving laws are the same for operating a boat as they are for a vehicle.

Police are looking forward to handing out tickets over the summer

Over the last few summers, the Comox Valley RCMP have been busy handing out tickets to young people – positive tickets! Now that some of the Provincial Health Order restrictions are easing, it’s time to start handing out these tickets again. Young people will be targeted for their safe and healthy activities outside, which might include cycling with a helmet, looking out for little ones at the park, engaging in healthy physical activity outside, or anything similar.

If your business would like to participate in this program, please contact Const. Monika Terragni at 250-338-1321.

–Comox Valley RCMP

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