People are at risk for heat exhaustion and dehydration during the latest heat wave. (File photo)

People are at risk for heat exhaustion and dehydration during the latest heat wave. (File photo)

Comox Valley Salvation Army offering relief to community’s vulnerable during heatwave

In response to the recent heat warning, the Comox Valley Salvation Army is prepared and ready to help vulnerable people, including the elderly and those living on the streets, by providing hydration items, shelter, and other cooling essentials.

“With temperatures on the rise, many of our locations are taking action to ensure the health and safety of people in our communities,” said Captain Kevin Elsasser, pastor at the Comox Valley Salvation Army. “Many people living in crisis lack access to clean water, sunscreen and other essentials. It is our responsibility to ensure that they stay safe.”

The Salvation Army and its outreach teams are handing out water bottles, providing refuge from the sun as well as handing sunscreen and hats.

“People living on the streets are vulnerable at the best of times,” said Elsasser. “When temperatures reach extreme levels, and people are left without the proper devices to deal with it, their lives are literally put at risk.”

If the public would like to help, they can provide support by donating the following items:

• Sunscreen

• Hats

• Bottled Water

“We have a long-standing history of providing temporary relief during extreme weather conditions,” said Elsasser. “Along with our community partners, we work together to ensure needs are met in our communities during challenging times.”

Donations can be dropped off at any Salvation Army location.

The Comox Valley Salvation Army church is located at 1580 Fitzgerald Ave., Courtenay.

The thrift stores are located at 1671 Ryan Rd E., Comox, and 2966 Kilpatrick Ave. Courtenay.

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