The school district office and other buildings have had orange ribbons out front. Photo, Comox Valley Schools

Comox Valley School District 71 schools open Monday, attendance optional

Parents encouraged to keep chldren at home if possible

School District 71 Superintendent Tom Demeo has declared Monday, June 28 as an “optional day” at all SD 71 schools.

“… we are facing a forecast of extreme heat and humidity, which requires us to make a decision about whether to keep our schools open (today), June 28. Our plan is to keep all District schools open, but parents/guardians and families are encouraged to keep their child(ren) at home if possible. Kindly report your child(ren)’s absence with your school.”

The letter was sent out to all parents/guardians of SD 71 students.

“Students are welcome at school and all bus routes will be operating on their normal schedules. We are, however, anticipating a low attendance on Monday, and, as such Monday is considered an ‘optional day.’ The school district will continue to monitor daytime heat in school settings throughout tomorrow morning and staff may be required to relocate if determining factors regarding temperatures and conditions deem it is no longer safe to remain open.

“Tuesday is the last scheduled day of the 2020 – 2021 school year and is a half day. School staff look forward to the final chance to connect and for students to say their farewells and finish up year-end matters including picking up report cards if necessary. We will monitor the forecast and make any adjustments for this last half-day, Tuesday as required.”

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