Kealy Donaldson is running for a seat on Comox council.

Council candidate Kealy Donaldson focuses on Comox’s waterfront and density issues

“It’s an interesting race in Comox for a seat on council,” says Kealy Donaldson, one of 10 candidates running for six councillor positions in Comox. “Comox has always been fiscally responsible and we can accredit that to solid leadership from past councils and staff. As we look towards the future, Comox citizens will need to define their needs for the next two decades and beyond. It’s time to create legacy for Comox.”

With an aging Official Community Plan, marinas at capacity and limited residential building lots, the beautiful seaside community has the opportunity to build the best possible future for today’s citizens and future generations.

“We live in such a beautiful location! Comox has much to offer with its community culture and quality of life. With the mix of a housing crisis, national inflation and low neighbourhood densities, can there be middle ground to add mixed residential? Do the citizens acknowledge the need to expand Comox neighbourhoods and create more housing and density? I hope so – there are a number of ways to deliver on these issues and I believe the timing is now,” Donaldson shares. “Public and marine safety are top priorities for Comox.”

Donaldson is a local businesswoman and currently sits on the board of directors for the Comox Business In Action (BIA). She supports local business, economic development and tourism for the community.

“The positives in Comox are the incredible seaside location and the recreational access that the town has built over the years. Business feedback, post-COVID, is that retail is building and destination services, such as health and rehabilitation, are economically solid. When we look at our marine-based services mixed with tourism, there is a need for growth and better framework.”

Donaldson has been in working in community and public relations for the past three decades and holds an IAP2 designation for public participation surveying and Indigenous community engagement. Her publication, Compass Magazine Vancouver Island, has been bridge-building for Indigenous reconciliation for eight years now. Her political motto is ‘Community-Collaboration-Co-operation’ as highlighted through her work portfolio. Donaldson opened a storefront last year in downtown Comox under her magazine’s mandate of arts, culture and wellness.

“I want to encourage everyone to get out and vote – there are advanced polls in every community and Election Day is Saturday, Oct. 15. I am honoured to be running in Comox and look forward to serving this community and region further.” You can connect with Donaldson via Facebook @KealyDonaldsonforCouncil or via email

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