The Village of Cumberland office. Photo by Mike Chouinard

Cumberland council prioritizes key focus areas

Cumberland Council has identified priority focus areas to guide the village through this next year.

“Balancing our existing priorities with emerging matters can be a challenge. Council was able to prioritize some emerging items while staying on track with community priorities established in 2020,” said Mayor Leslie Baird. “I encourage all residents to take a look at the village’s strategic priorities to have an understanding of the overall goals and objectives for the community.”

Key focus areas include:

• Initiatives to address housing affordability and availability

• Protection and enhancement of the natural environment, including the carrying capacity of parks and trails

• Opportunities to address climate change mitigation and adaptation

• Development of the child care space creation project in partnership with School District 71

• The creation of an arts, culture and recreation master plan

• Bevan industrial area development

• Commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The Village’s 2020-2023 Strategic Priorities were developed in June 2020 and communicate the priorities of council and the community. The 2020-2023 Strategic Priorities also guide the village’s corporate management and decision-making and allow the co-ordination of adequate resources. The 2020-2023 Strategic Priorities can be found by searching ‘strategic’ at

–Village of Cumberland