The Comox Valley Horticultural Society welcomes Connie Kuramoto. Photo supplied

The Comox Valley Horticultural Society welcomes Connie Kuramoto. Photo supplied

Gardening expert speaks at next Comox Valley Horticultural Society meeting

May 28 at the Filberg Centre

On Monday, May 28 the Comox Valley Horticultural Society welcomes Connie Kuramoto, who will help us plan our winter garden now.

Although we have just barely begun our summer gardens, it is good to keep our winter gardens in mind. To eat from your garden year-round is easy, but it does take a bit of planning, and now’s the time to do it. We can start preparing and amending the soil and building shelter for plants now, and we must start seeds for many of our winter vegetables very soon.

Winter gardens are great, because you don’t have to water them, so let’s get on with growing our winter garden.

Connie worked as an instructor and technician for Vancouver Island University’s Horticulture Program for 20 years and co-ordinated student activities in the program’s greenhouse and nursery. She retired to start her own horticultural training and service company called Gardens on the Go, and teaches on contract for both North Island College and Gaia College. She offers workshops throughout Vancouver Island, and also provides consulting services for homeowners, municipalities, and non-profit groups. Connie says she loves horticulture because she learns something new each day about it. She always recommends the more sustainable options and has been an organic gardener since she was four years old. Her first horticultural job was selling flowers on the street corners of Albuquerque, NM, in 1970, and she has never looked back.

Join us at the Courtenay Filberg, 411 Anderton Ave. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Guests are welcomed for $5, but annual memberships are still available for $20 single, $30 family and offer many benefits. See