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Hands-on help for horses proving effective

LISSY RAUBER treats horses with attitudinal and orthopedic issues.






Carolyn Touhey

Special to the Record

When the Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society found that their older, athletic mare was suddenly “out of character”  — getting “crabby and threatening to kick” — Laurali Morrison, an instructor and volunteer coordinator, called in Lissy Rauber.

Rauber, owner of Helarion Energetic Alignment, is an experienced horsewoman who has recently started to treat horses with attitudinal and orthopedic issues. She provides this service at her home barn in Black Creek and also makes barn calls throughout the Comox Valley and Campell River.

Using many of the same deep tissue and acupressure techniques she has utilized on her human clients for more than five years, Rauber’s reputation for getting results is spreading fast.

She also uses Reiki, understanding that horses respond very well to energy work, as proven by horse trainers around the world who use “natural horsemanship” to simulate horse-herd dynamics and communication.

According to Morrison, “We wanted to keep this mare in our program, but safety of our riders and volunteers is our top priority.  When we noticed such a sudden change in this horse’s behaviour, we knew something was bothering her, so we called Lissy to see what she could do to avoid retiring such a good horse.”

Rauber donated her time to the non-profit organization – providing some deep tissue work and massage, as well as Reiki, to release the muscle tightness on the mare’s left side and make the 21-year- old mare feel more balanced in general.

Morrison adds, “The mare was completely different.  Even the expression on her face was happier. Our instructor, a 30-year veteran, was very impressed."

Rauber’s human clients are not surprised.  Even horse trainer Karen Erickson says, “Once I felt the significant improvement in my horse’s willingness to move in certain ways and to accept my aids without resistance, it was obvious that there must have been some discomfort or tightness that Lissy’s treatment relieved. It has been a totally different ride since then.”

Erickson adds, “Experiencing such a difference in my horse, and knowing he didn’t ‘will’ it, I  decided to get a treatment myself.  Lissy really helped my body. Her treatment relieved some chronic pain and allowed me to sleep much more soundly through the night.”

She says, “I am riding horses with a better-balanced body and it manifests through into the horse’s improved way of going. It is a harmonious partnership between horse and rider ... Lissy’s treatments  are not hocus pocus, but a real gift that others should experience to feel better and address mobility issues."

Rauber explains that her treatments are non-invasive and do not involve manual manipulation of the vertebrae, as with chiropractic adjustments—making her work a complement to other therapies.

She also is the only holistic practitioner in the north/mid-island area to offer an “energetic alignment,” which she learned in Germany, where she was raised.  Called the “Begradigung” in Germany, it is a procedure that is widely accepted throughout European countries.    Many of the clients who speak so highly of their treatments at Helarion Energetic Alignment had “given up and just learned to live with stiffness or pain.”

Rauber says, “If a widely accepted treatment in Europe  can bring relief to people and animals here, I am pleased to make a difference. Since the treatments are not very expensive or invasive, most people figure ‘what do I have to lose’…except the pain.”

Morrison says, “We are so pleased to have our mare back in the program; she is good for our riders and she is too schooled to just retire.  We are very grateful to Lissy and intend to tell others about her, as well.”

Rauber provides treatments by appointment at her home office in Black Creek or at Singing Waters in Campbell River, as well as Rosewood Garden on 11th Street in Courtenay. For more information, visit or call 250-337-1845.





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