Horticultural Society addresses crevice rock gardens

The CV Horticultural Society welcomes local horticulturalists Dany Fortin and Shane Tillapaugh to the Jan. 18 meeting to present Crevice-Style Rock Gardens: From the Mountain to your Garden.

The doors of the Florence Filberg Centre will open at 7 p.m. Non-members are welcome for a $5 entry fee.

Tillapaugh and Fortin will explain how crevice-style rock gardens grow beautiful and challenging plants based upon principles observed in nature. They will use local examples of public and private crevice garden projects to detail step by step how to construct a crevice garden.

Fortin has worked in the horticulture field for 16 years including landscaping, garden maintenance and tree care.

Tillapaugh is a gardener and a naturalist who loves birds, bees, plants and trees.

For more information about the club visit www.comoxvalleyhortsociety.ca