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Ken Grant to seek sixth term on Comox council

I am pleased to announce that I am running for a sixth term on Comox Council.

I am pleased to announce that I am running for a sixth term on Comox Council.

Over the past 20 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed representing the town of Comox. I will use my experience to continue to steer Comox in a positive direction.

Like many communities, we’re entering into some interesting times in our town. With high inflation, low housing supply, high housing prices, aging infrastructure, and higher taxes, we need experience at the council table to help navigate these issues and to ensure Comox remains a great place to live.

Representing the citizens of Comox has been an honour over the past two decades. With your support, I will continue to keep my focus on the issues affecting our local community and put my efforts into municipal government programs and mandates that keep Comox safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly. I will continue to work to expand our parks and recreational opportunities, keep our taxes at some of the lowest rates in our region and make sure that our buildings and infrastructure are kept in good working order.

I believe that we need a current and careful review of our Official Community Plan. If we want to sustain the ambiance of this beautiful place we call home, responsible planning is needed more than ever. With the challenges we are currently facing, experience matters. Experience will be key in maintaining the lifestyle we all enjoy in the town of Comox.

I respectfully ask for your support for a sixth term on Comox council.

To find out more campaign information and to see the programs I support, please visit