Locals participates in national celebration

Locals Restaurant participates in a national celebration of local food production and what it means to Eat Canadian.

Locals Restaurant is once again in the fine company of distinctive Canadian restaurants that are participating in a national celebration of local food production and what it means to Eat Canadian.

Food Day Canada’s event organizer, Anita Stewart, describes the national happening as “an opportunity for Canadians to join hands in one massive celebration in praise of our farmers and fishers; our chefs and researchers … and, above all, our home cooks. For the past few years, our most respected chefs and restaurants have joined this national party we call Food Day Canada/Journée des Terroirs, simply in good faith and knowing that it was the right thing to do.”

This Saturday, Locals will offer a special three-course dinner menu for $35, showcasing the best ingredients available in the Comox Valley region. Locals is the only restaurant participating north of Lake Cowichan.

According to Canada’s Minister of Agriculture Gerry Ritz, “Canada’s farmers and food processors create some of the tastiest, safest and freshest food products found on dinner plates around the world. I invite Canadians to make a point of having a Canadian meal, at home or in one of the 250 restaurants across the country that are showcasing Canadian menus on Food Day Canada.

“Our farmers bring a high standard of knowledge to their work, and are continuously improving their production systems to put delicious, nutritious food on our tables. Moreover, they drive our economy by creating jobs and economic opportunities all along the value chain.”

Food Day Canada speaks to the heart and soul of Chef Ronald St. Pierre’s mission with Locals Restaurant. He has created a renowned culinary destination that pays homage to the Comox Valley’s outstanding food production.

Along with his culinary team, Chef St. Pierre provides a memorable dining experience that marries the bounty of the region with culinary artistry. His ever-changing seasonal menus and market sheets set the prevailing standard for the renowned Comox Valley food culture.

As reported by Jeremy Ferguson in the Globe and Mail: “Courtenay’s claim to fame comes through a different passion: It wants to be foodie capital of the island. Assembling and showcasing the produce of the ultra fertile Comox Valley, it has accumulated considerable credentials.

“Courtenay’s proudest restaurant is called Locals. Chef Ronald St. Pierre has done what other chefs only talk about: His restaurant is almost entirely about ingredients. He pulls it off with style and largesse. He shines the spotlight on local producers at every turn.”

Local’s 3 Course Dinner Menu for Food Day Canada is available for viewing at www.localscomoxvalley.com and reservations are recommended @ 250-338-6493.

For more information about the Food Day Canada and to learn about various related events, visit http://fooddaycanada.ca. Locals is open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner at 364 Eighth St.

— Locals Restaurant