Matthew Ellis is running for director of Area C, in the Comox Valley Regional District.

Matthew Ellis running for Comox Valley Regional District Area C director position

Hello residents of the Comox Valley.

My name is Matthew Ellis, and I’m running for director of Area C, in the Comox Valley Regional District. As someone who has lived their entire life in the Comox Valley, I’m passionate about preserving the charm of this beautiful rural community, and ensuring that future generations get to enjoy it as we all have. I am a husband, father, and small family businessman, who is strong in his convictions, and come to politics with the same can-do attitude I’ve approached all aspects of my life with.

As an avid outdoorsman, I intimately understand the relationship between people and environment, and want to work to safeguard the unique areas in our community that bring people from all over the world just to lay eyes upon them. As a small businessman, I understand the need for updates to our critical infrastructure, and the need to support our small businesses, farmers, and builders. I realize the need for new development, and the need for case-by-case flexibility for our regional growth plan, as housing prices continue to soar, but I also realize the balance required to maintain the current rural appeal of Area C, as well as the need to respect our current residents, and ensure that our water sources are secure.

The Comox Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the world is beginning to realize it; we are at a time where the future of this area is at stake, with unprecedented growth, and an influx of new residents, and it is incumbent upon our elected officials, as the trusted stewards of the community, to maintain what has brought them all here, without letting it become what they left. Let’s work together, toward a community that we can all be proud of, a community that can be a beacon of prosperity and beauty, a community that will continue to be the envy of the rest of the province, country, and world.

Comox Valley Regional DistrictElection 2022

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