Plans are underway for the Merville centennial celebrations. Photo submitted

Plans are underway for the Merville centennial celebrations. Photo submitted

Merville 100 Year Soldier Settlement Celebration committee meeting upcoming

Tuesday, Jan. 15 at the Big Yellow Hall

On Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 6:30 p.m., there will be a meeting at the Big Yellow Merville hall to further plan the Merville 100 Year Soldier Settlement Celebration.

At the meeting, a few of the various committees will bring us up to date on what they have done and what they plan to do.

As we roll into 2019, we are calling out for lots of Merville citizens (soldier settler families, long-time and recent settlers), and anyone else who is keen, to climb on board with the committee of their choice to help guide Merville towards a successful 100-year party. We have renovations happening to the hall and outbuildings; the Mayor of Merville au Bois, France, will be coming; an invitation is out to the Royal Family; and soldier settler families are being interviewed.

We are looking for help with the event planning; a variety of walking/cycling/driving tours about the area; fundraising ideas such as local crowd-funding programs; involving the military; playground and landscaping upgrades; commemorative wine or beer labels; community garden work; book publishing, and anything else that you can think of that will help to turn this event into a party to remember for another 100 years!

Anyone is invited to contact us if they would like to join a committee or would like to suggest a new committee. Please tell your friends and encourage them to get on board at the meeting, Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 6:30. Many hands make light work! For more information, go to

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