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Pass needed to access Air Force Beach during CFB Snowbirds’ training

The Snowbirds are scheduled to arrive at 19 Wing Comox on April 30 for their annual spring training. Photo by Erin Haluschak

Those looking for ideal locations from which to view the CFB Snowbirds when they start practising in the Comox Valley are advised to plan ahead.

The Snowbirds are scheduled to arrive April 30, for two weeks of practise before the May 18 air show.

One preferred site for viewing is Air Force Beach.

Members of the general public who wish to use Air Force Beach, which is Department of National Defence property, are required to purchase a season pass. (Passes are required for access to Air Force Beach throughout the year.)

The season pass is only $30 and can be purchased at the campground office. From March 15 until the May long weekend, the campground office is open daily from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Fridays it is open until 8 p.m.

While the Snowbirds are in town, members of the general public who wish to watch the Snowbirds from Air Force Beach during the work week (Monday–Friday) can buy a day pass for $5 at the campground office.

On weekends, users must have a season pass to enter Air Force Beach, and due to limited parking capacity during Snowbird season, vehicles may be turned away if the parking area is full.

There are many other areas to view the Snowbirds practise shows, including the Heritage Air Park just down from the Comox Air Force Museum.

On Saturday, May 18, Air Force Beach will be closed to the public due to the 19 Wing Airshow. Current campers will be the only ones permitted access.