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Presentation on alternative schooling coming to Courtenay

‘Do you believe in magic?’ event upcoming at Crown Isle
Shannon Simpson is hosting a presentation at Crown Isle on Oct. 30 that will introduce participants to an alternative schooling method. Photo by Meredith Rose Photography


Comox Valley resident Shannon Simpson is on a mission to awaken a generation to create with love by reshaping the future of education.

Along with her partners, bestselling author, climate artist and founder of The #Masterpiece Movement, Alexander Inchbald – who is flying in from Switzerland – and fellow artist and creator of #Masterpiece Magic, Amor Marquez Chabanda, who will be zooming in from Botswana, she is inviting the public to an exclusive and free event in the Comox Valley exploring the future of education.

Simpson believes it’s vital we nurture the next generation’s creativity. She points out Sir Ken Robinson’s 2006 TED Talk, Do schools kill creativity? has now been watched 75 million times, and yet, too little has changed since then.

Simpson is hosting the event at Crown Isle Resort and Golf Community on Monday, Oct. 30 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Join them for a conversation to inspire and reconnect to the magic that is within each and every one of us.

“The conversation will explore how children sustain their natural creativity, how true collaboration emerges, how we communicate effectively without conflict, and how to retain our natural curiosity and courage,” said Simpson. “For instance, schools may teach the techniques of drawing and painting rather than how to create and influence from the heart. We will start with a panel discussion featuring Michael Dunphy, an independent educator who guides and encourages his students to connect with their inner wisdom to provide a foundation from which they can learn anything they choose, and Sean Aiken, published author at Penguin Random House, founding team member of Wayfinding College. Then we will open the conversation up to the floor. Expect a heart-filled inspirational exploration of the future of our children’s deepest potential.”

Simpson is a mother of 15-year-old twins, a homeschool mom of five years, a teacher and one of the founders of #Masterpiece Magic. Masterpiece Magic is a six-week global online program for teens 13 to 17. It is designed to help participants discover who they are and what makes them come alive. Teens from around the world have already said that this program has changed their lives.

‘Do you believe in Magic?’ event has been made possible through the generous support of individuals and businesses, including local orthodontist Shoreline Orthodontics and WestCoast Karma among its sponsors and contributors. West Coast Karma has helped put together two beautiful gift baskets worth over $1,000 each from many generous local community members. The beautiful gift baskets are on display at the entrance of Shoreline Orthodontics at 1530 Cliffe Ave. Suite 100, Courtenay. Attendance in person is necessary for a chance to win one of these baskets. Make sure to scan the QR code for event registration.

The main event sponsor for ‘Do you believe in Magic?’ is Cameron Contracting. Cameron Contracting is a family run business that builds dream homes for their clients, who become an extension of their family. Their vision for building dreams and fostering a sense of family makes this the perfect partnership for #Masterpiece Magic.

Masterpiece Magic is generously supported by philanthropists, businesses, and individuals, who believe there is a need to reshape education. If this theme resonates with you, Simpson looks forward to welcoming you to the event.

To register for the event, visit