Program raises money for PARC equipment

A community program raised more than $9,000 to support the purchase of exercise equipment for the Physical Activation and Recreation Centre.

A community program raised more than $9,000 to support the purchase of exercise equipment for the PARC (Physical Activation and Recreation Centre).

PARC is at the Views (formerly called the extended care unit) at St. Joseph’s General Hospital.

The community program Mobilize for the PARC started when Joanie Chestnut, a registered massage therapist at SomaticsPlus who cares for a resident at the Views, heard about the need for recreational and activation therapy equipment for the new facility.

She was encouraged by the concept that community therapists could partner with the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation to help raise the needed money.

Chestnut formed a team of several other professionals who shared her vision.

They include Dan Belcher of Courtenay Physiotherapy, Dr. Liza Grant of Tenth Street Chiropractic, Sean Murphy of Valley Healing Therapeutic Massage, Peter Day of Guthrie Acupuncture, Dr. Rick Houlgrave of Houlgrave Chiropractic and occupational therapist Gerlinde Park.

“Therapists in this town came together to support a really important local project that will enhance many peoples’ lives for years to come; it was very heartening for me to see individuals and clinics representing different disciplines pull together and make this work,” says Chestnut.

“Lynn Dashkewytch of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation was a fabulous supporter and provided all sorts of ideas and guidance.  We need to collaborate like this in communities to build ties and support each other.”

The residents who live at the Views have complex care needs and a wide variety of activity levels. The goal is to enhance and maintain the resident’s current levels of mobility, activity and mental wellness with attention to safety.

To achieve this, an area of the Views is being renovated to gain space to allow the 125 residents to remain active and to enjoy a variety of fun, community-building recreational activities. 
The donations to raise the funds to furnish this exercise area came from the therapist community and some patients of participating clinics that wanted to support Mobilize for the PARC.
Chestnut and the team thank the community therapists and patients who were moved to donate.
— Mobilize for the PARC