Ruby Sidhu is running for a seat on Comox council.

Ruby Sidhu running for a seat on Comox council

Being a father of two boys, and being the only son of my mother and father, I do recognize the importance of family. I am one of those who get excited about small things in life, like when I polish my shoes and they shine like a mirror, I am happy.

The first ever hard-earned house I bought in my life is in Comox, so now it’s my turn to give back to our community.

Having a bachelor’s degree in physics, math and computer sciences, I will bring a lot of experience and education to the table, as I was pursuing my master’s in business administration before moving to Canada.

I would work towards having another river crossing while at the same time having more bus schedules in Comox. Also, the main bus stops should be sheltered to protect our taxpayers from snow and rain.

I think kids should be more involved in the local government and we need a kids’ council where we can give them a chance to see how government works.

Because I have worked with the staff, I can connect our community with staff being easily approachable and bring the two together.

Getting elected or not, I will always be a part of the team at Comox and will work towards a better Comox.

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