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Tsolum school reunion honours former Comox Valley teacher Beryl Regier

Tsolum reunion organizer Karen Bradbury and former teacher Beryl Regier display information that will make up a plaque to be hung in the music room at Navigate/NIDES. Photo supplied

Tsolum School (now Navigate/NIDES) recently held a heartwarming reunion event that brought together former students, teachers, and staff from across the years.

Amidst the celebration, the event also featured a touching tribute to a beloved former teacher, Beryl Regier.

Alumni from various generations gathered at the school, sharing stories, laughter, and nostalgia. The event served as a testament to the enduring spirit and sense of community that Tsolum School has fostered throughout its rich history.

One of the highlights of the day was the tribute to Regier, a former teacher who had a profound impact on countless students and the Comox Valley arts community over the years. Regier took a moment to express her gratitude and reflect on her time at Tsolum School. She shared a few heartfelt words with attendees, reminiscing about the beautiful memories she had created with her students.

Regier also presented the school district with a beautifully crafted plaque during the event. The plaque, which will find its permanent home in the school’s music room, serves as a lasting token of appreciation for her dedication and contributions to the school community over the years. It will serve as a reminder to future generations of students of the positive impact that educators like Regier can have on their lives.

As Navigate/NIDES (former Tsolum School) continues to play a vital role in shaping the education and lives of students in the Comox Valley, events like these serve as a reminder of the rich history and strong bonds that make schools cherished institutions in our communities. In 1924, the land for the school was donated to the Comox Valley School District and the school opened in 1927. A celebration event is being planned for the 100th anniversary of the land donation.

Many thanks to the Tsolum School reunion committee for organizing this wonderful event and a huge thank you to Regier for her dedication to our students and the greater performing arts community in the Comox Valley.