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Veteran delivers emotional presentation to sold-out audience at Comox event

Veterans, Comox Valley community leaders and businesses came together for VinoSpa Speaks Out, A Veteran’s Perspective, on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

The sold-out audience heard stories and learned of the challenges faced by families and veterans as they transition back to civilian life.

Keynote speaker Sgt. Maj. Tim Turner (retired) provided a first-hand account of his military experiences.

Turner joined the Canadian Army in 1985 and served a variety of missions both peacekeeping and wartime. Turner recounted stories from his military life ranging from deeply tragic to memorable camaraderie among those involved. He spoke candidly about the difficulties of returning home and trying to adjust to a ‘normal’ life.

‘Civilian translator’ Karen Turner shared her intense and sometimes funny life experiences with her ‘soldier husband.’ Karen is a proud Canadian Military spouse of 40 years, and the proud mother of a Canadian infantry soldier and search and rescue technician. Karen kept the home fires burning for both of her soldiers through natural disasters at home and seven tours of war abroad.

RCMP Cpl. Tori Cliffe and Sgt. Mike Rude (retired) joined the Turners on the panel providing a broader perspective.

“That room was full of caring people,” said Rude. “I left 40 Knots Winery a better person because of that event and the people that were there…”

Event producers Chrissie Bowker of CB Projects and Brenda Hetman-Craig of 40 Knots Winery were extremely pleased with the event.

“It was a very emotionally impactful day for all involved,” said Bowker.

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Brenda Hetman-Craig - 40 Knots Winery

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