Volunteer efforts create additional parking at Courtenay cemetery

Volunteer efforts create additional parking at Courtenay cemetery

Edgett Excavating owner Ross Edgett and other volunteers have donated time and services to create additional parking for interment services at St. Andrew’s Cemetery in Courtenay.

Edgett co-ordinated work efforts to widen the shoulder on McQuillan Road, re-establish survey bars, install a catchbasin for drainage, and to protect Garry Oak trees by hand-grubbing blackberry brambles.

The combined value of the donated work is estimated at $24,000.

“The church and the community is grateful for the work they’ve done, entirely at their cost,” said St. Andrew’s member Kathy Coulthart-Dewey.

Often referred to as the Mother Church, St. Andrews is one of the original churches on Vancouver Island. The cemetery is the site of many war graves, and settler graves. A number of military and RCMP families regularly visit loved ones.

St. Andrew’s is also one of the most northerly recognized Garry Oak meadows, with 15-20 protected trees and an abundance of wildflowers in spring.

In honour of our veterans, Saturday, Nov. 9 is the annual Cemetery Clean-Up day. The public is encouraged to drop by from 9 a.m. to noon to help out. Bring leaf gathering equipment if you have it. Refreshments will be provided.

Cadets have been a big part of the day in past years.

This is the second year of celebrating Nov. 11 through a 101 Ringing of the Bell and Candlelight service at the church.

The cemetery is located behind St. Andrew’s Church, at the corner of Dingwall Road and North Island Highway.