Volunteers needed to plant trees

The Morrison Creek Streamkeepers invite you to help them plant trees this Sunday.

Help the Morrison Creek Streamkeepers plant trees this Sunday.

They have 100 small native streamside trees and shrubs to plant. Volunteers are needed to help restore the riparian zone and improve fish habitat.

Morrison Creek is an important producer of salmon and trout and is also the only home of the endangered Morrison Creek lamprey.

What to bring: spade shovels and gardening tools as well as your own gloves and gumboots.

Location: At the bridge where the creek crosses Marsden Road (head north on Marsden Road, continue just past the intersection with Lake Trail Road).

Meet there at 10 a.m. and bring friends. The work should be finished by early afternoon.

Refreshments will be served. E-mail morrisoncreek@yahoo.ca for more information.

— Morrison Creek Streamkeepers