WEB EXTRA: Brain-protection tips shared at Berwick Comox Valley

Whether you’re a mom, or a CEO, you probably live and work in a multi-tasking environment.

Whether you’re a mom, or a CEO, you probably live and work in a multi-tasking environment.

Your hunter/gatherer brain is the centre of everything you do, but it is not made for this culture.

We are forcing our brains to do many things they are not meant to do, with the result that we are experiencing decision fatigue, brain fog, forgotten appointments, lost keys, sleep deprivation, sickness, absenteeism, and a variety of other challenges.

In our world of increasing knowledge and technology we need to use our brains more than ever. Our success, as individuals and collectively, depends on a brain that you can rely on today, and tomorrow.

Berwick Comox Valley has teamed up with Gary Anaka, the top brain-based learning facilitator in B.C. today. With over 34 years of teaching experience, he is not only a study skills expert, but also a brain gymnastics coach.

Gary has presented workshops in the field of Applied Educational Neuroscience to tens of thousands of professionals, students parents, educators, and the general public.

Can you expand your thinking capacities and maintain your critical memories? Yes!

Attend one of these free workshops at Berwick Comox Valley to find out how to help your brain:

• Your Brain on the Job: Monday, Feb. 24 at 7 p.m.

In this lively and engaging workshop you will discover how decision fatigue slowly destroys us over time. Why multi-tasking is an extreme sport wearing out your precious brain, and what you can do about it.

Why ongoing education and training are critical for success. How to use your brain to increase productivity. Why on-the-job safety requires employees to have an upshifted brain.

You’ll get simple, easy, practical and cost-free survival strategies.

Knowing the critical requirements for expanding your personal brain and preserving your collective brain is vital in today’s world to keep you and your colleagues running on all cylinders.

• The Secrets of Longevity: Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Your quality of life requires a healthy brain. Stress kills brain cells and accelerates brain aging.

In these fun and engaging sessions you will learn how to nourish your brain; exercise your brain, grow new brain cells (yes, you can!); expand brain power; prevent cognitive decline as you age; and adopt simple, inexpensive ways to avoid brain aging. You’ll get workable strategies for maintaining your quality of life with hope and optimism for your future.

Find out how to use it, before you lose it!

Seating at Berwick is limited. These engaging workshops are free for everyone, but seating is limited so you will need to sign up by calling Berwick at 250-890-2338.

For more information about Gary and his workshops you can visit www.braincoach.ca. For more information about these free sessions at Berwick, call Linda Rutherford or Susan Kelsey, Community Relations, at 250-339-1690.

— Berwick Comox Valley