ArtKart featured at Mayworks

The third annual ArtKart Derby happens May 19 in Cumberland with a larger field expected this year.

The 2012 Mayworks Festival is coming and with it, the fabulous ArtKart Derby.

In partnership with the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce, Mayworks will hold the third annual ArtKart Derby on Market Day May 19, part of Cumberland’s Empire Days.

“This event is a real crowd pleaser,” stated Robert Moon, who was the initiator of the ArtKart Derby idea here in the Comox Valley. “The ArtKart artists have a great time creating and ‘racing’ them.”

For those that have not seen the ArtKarts, most are a basic go-kart chassis that are turned into Russian rockets, giant pencils, roast chickens, giant shoes and whatever wild idea you may have.

“It has grown from about eight entries to 16 to where we are expecting over 20 this year, ” said Bill Friesen, president of the Vancouver Island Mayworks Festival, “but the more the merrier, so there is still time for people to contact us and get your entry form.

“We accept entries from individuals, unions, businesses and service groups. It can be whimsical, political or just for a laugh. Our only criteria is that it be safe and in relatively good taste.”

There are a limited number of chassis available, though old wheelchairs seem to be used frequently. Also if you need help with techniques you can talk to Robert, Bill, or Jeff Hartbower. They also need people who are willing to act as marshals and as spare drivers.

For more information on getting your creation entered, contact Jeff Hartbower at 250-334-2385 or Bill Friesen at 250-757-2023.


— ArtKart Derby