Comox’s Gardens at Anderton hosts jazz double-bill

The Anderson Jazz Trio will play at Andewrton Gardens on Thursday, July 21. Photo suppliedThe Anderson Jazz Trio will play at Andewrton Gardens on Thursday, July 21. Photo supplied
Ultraviolet consists of Beau Stocker (drums), Oscar Robles Diaz (guitars), and Brittany Bowman (bass & vocals). Photo suppliedUltraviolet consists of Beau Stocker (drums), Oscar Robles Diaz (guitars), and Brittany Bowman (bass & vocals). Photo supplied

An exciting double-bill concert at Anderton Gardens starting at 5 p.m Thursday, July 21 will feature two locally-based trios: Anderson Jazz Trio and Ultraviolet. This event is a wonderful opportunity to take in exciting original music being created right here in the Comox Valley, while supporting local musicians at their craft.

The Anderson Jazz Trio plays in the swinging style of small combos that were influenced by Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Wes Montgomery, and many others. Featuring Doug Anderson on guitar, John Hyde on bass, and Aaron Amar on drums, the trio has more than 10 years of playing together and has come to form a cohesive unit, with each member offering their own influences and history in the songs they play.

Original compositions and some reformulated standards provide the perfect backdrop for colourful and playful interaction that permits each member’s unique and exceptional musicianship to break free and shine.

Anderson Jazz trio is a well-loved and frequently returning act in the popular Georgia Straight Jazz Society’s concert series as well as other venues but gained additional and well-deserved recognition last year when the group was featured at the Nanaimo International Jazz Festival.

Ultraviolet is a groovy and experimental project whose collective interests in spontaneous composition present a palette of ever-evolving musical ideas unique to each performance.

Their instrumentation includes drums, bass, and guitars (including the tap-style touch guitar), as well as pretty much a spaceship worth of effects pedals and gadgets. Drinking from an ever-flowing, far-reaching and constantly shifting river of influences, their sound has been described “hard to pigeonhole.” Kip Luce, of Bop City Records, has called them – “refreshingly creative” and “equal parts mysterious, groovy and spacey.”

Ultraviolet consists of Oscar Robles Diaz (guitars), Brittany Bowman (bass & vocals), and Beau Stocker (drums). These three come from fairly different backgrounds both geographically and musically speaking, and their respective paths have taken them to different corners of the world and allowed them to share their original music with international audiences. As a result, their combined touring curriculum boasts performance experience in Latin America, Asia, the UK, and Canada.

Recording of the trio’s first album is currently in the works, and this past March they released two music videos – Ophidia and Aphrodite – both live recordings of their original music. Aphrodite is currently featured on the official Youtube playlist of Touch Guitars (Germany). Upcoming festivals for Ultraviolet this summer include the Filberg Festival in Comox and Powell River’s Sunshine Music Festival. Don’t miss this chance to catch them in the lush, intimate and positively surreal setting of the Gardens on Anderton.

Admission is $25, payable at the gate (cash only), or in advance via e-transfer (please contact: The Gardens on Anderton are at 2012 Anderton Rd, Comox. For more info, please visit: or