Denman Island artists open their studio doors

The Artists of Denman Island invite you to the Annual Studio Tour, Aug. 16 and 17, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

With 15 venues demonstrating diverse bodies of work by local artists, the tour offers a rare opportunity to peek into little-explored corners of the artist experience, and the Island itself.

Lending an enchanted air to the tour are the studio settings that are particular to these islands: from sunlight-dappled woods to luxuriant gardens in full bloom, pastoral landscapes dotted with livestock or windswept beaches – these are the environments that, in many cases, inspire the artists who reside here. Visitors will get to discover these hideaways and all of the treasures that are created therein. These are the works, after all, that draw people from afar every year, and whether you delight in abstract explosions of colour or playfully patterned ceramics or elaborately crafted textiles, Denman artists will not disappoint.

One such studio can be found at the end of a gravel road to the north of the island, where visitors can delight in the work of Andrew Fyson Photography. Fyson’s background as a biologist is apparent: his images range from broad landscapes to close-ups of plants and insects, thereby fusing his knowledge of organisms with their unadorned natural beauty, creating a link between science and art. He is Lands Manager for the Denman Conservancy Association, leads nature walks and is keen to share his enthusiasm for nature through photography.

Around the corner, Gordon Hutchens’ studio is nestled in 19 wooded acres, where charming ornamental chickens may greet visitors on approach to the studio.  The real visual treats, however, lie inside. Hutchens utilizes an extremely broad range of techniques to produce work that may be sculptural or functional, invariably attracting collectors from around the world. Between these two studios lie an impressive array other venues, showcasing painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry, pottery, mixed media, quilting, textile, & paper art. The self-guided tour is free – maps will be available at the Denman Art Centre (downtown) on the tour dates, and can also be found online at