Ellis hosting watercolour show

The Pearl Ellis Gallery will host artist Judi Pedder’s new show, the Magic of Watercolour, from May 15 to 27.

The Pearl Ellis Gallery will host artist Judi Pedder’s new show, the Magic of Watercolour, from May 15 to 27.

Judi will hold a reception for her show on May 20 between 1 and 4 p.m. If you are unable to attend the reception and would like to meet the artist, you may meet Judi during the show dates as she plans to be at the gallery most afternoons during the show.

So why the Magic of Watercolour? Because it is the only medium that can provide a wonderful array of techniques — so long as there is enough water!

As one viewer commented, “I never realized you could do so much with watercolours.”

At this exhibition you will find images painted in a traditional style, some directly on canvas, on Yupo (synthetic paper, which is actually polypropolene ), on masa paper and with dye on silk. And look for a painting that was created without the use of a brush!

The stories that accompany each image will tell you something about it: perhaps why, how or where, including images from England, Ontario, and the Iles de la Madeleine.

With this added literary dimension, Judi Pedder’s shows have been described as “a verbal and visual treat.”

Look closely, and you will find poured backgrounds, wet-on-wet skies, light against dark, soft and gentle tints or plenty of vibrant, warm colour in Judi Pedder’s landscapes and flowers. There are no formal floral arrangements — Judi prefers to show her flowers before they are clipped off and stranded in a vase.

She usually starts with the main focus and adds leaves and buds as her flowers “grow” and where they are needed to complete the composition. While a few viewers and some galleries dislike seeing pencil lines, Judi uses water soluble crayons for drawing, and the lines simply disappear as the image develops.

She employs many watercolour techniques such as splattering, dry brush, lifting, glazing, pouring, salt, creating patterns and different ways of applying masking fluid — all in the appropriate time and place!

Since her last solo show at the Pearl Ellis Gallery in 2010, Pedder has continued to perfect her own technique of preparing and painting on masa paper, which she attaches to a framed canvas before completing the image.

Pedder was recently invited to show some of her flower portraits on masa paper on canvas at the Gallery at Qualicum Art Supply and for June/July she will take some to Abkhazi Garden in Victoria.

For The Magic of Watercolour, Pedder has devised a contest, with prizes for complete and correct entries and will also be available most afternoons to answer your questions and to talk about her art.

The Pearl Ellis Gallery in Comox is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sundays from 1 to 4 p.m.  (closed on Mondays).  Admission is free.

The gallery is a non-profit public gallery and new members are always welcome. For more or to see a virtual tour of Judi’s show, go to www.pearlellisgallery.com or look up Pearl Ellis Gallery on Facebook.

— Pearl Ellis Gallery