Four Beatlemaniacs performing in Courtenay

THE FOUR BEATLEMANIACS known as the Sutcliffes will play Saturday night at the Mex Pub in Courtenay.

The Sutcliffes are based out of Victoria, where they have built a considerable following (local fans sport T-shirts with the band’s logo that proclaim “resistance is futile”).

This summer they’re going to make their third appearance at Liverpool’s Beatleweek, an annual international event that features over 40 bands and artists invited from all over the world.

After their incendiary appearance in 2011, they’ve been asked to play the entire Please Please Me album on the main stage in celebration of the Beatles 50th anniversary.

Their catalogue is predominantly Beatles material, and they offer an energetic and exciting performance every show. They are musically accomplished, feature impressive vocals and musical surprises throughout.

Numerous prestigious events such as their yearly invitations to Government House, Butchart Gardens and Liverpool Beatleweek and the 300-plus shows they’ve played in their five years together are evidence of their talent and appeal.

The Sutcliffes perform this Saturday night at the Mex Pub in Courtenay. For more information, phone 250-703-9573.

— Sutcliffes

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