Iron Kingdom is rocking a doubleheader bill at The Waverley Friday night.

Iron Kingdom is rocking a doubleheader bill at The Waverley Friday night.

Hard rocking doubleheader at the Waverley

Rising up from Surrey, Iron Kingdom is leading the charge of the rising new wave of traditional heavy metal.

Inspired by the legendary pillars of heavy metal such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Blind Guardian, The Scorpions, and Rush, this four-piece machine is  bringing the classic sounds and foundations of ’70s and ’80s metal to the Waverley Hotel on Friday, March 24.

The band has solid musical roots.

As lead singer, Chris Osterman, tells it, the band members grew up immersed in music.

“Growing up I always had a melody running through my head; music came very naturally to me,” he said.

“Listening to my sister play classical piano for hours each day, I desired more than to just listen to music, to hum it – I wanted to create rhythms and melodies. I wanted something different.

“My uncles introduced me to rock and roll through bands like Deep Purple, Van Halen and AC/DC – I picked up the guitar when I was seven and I have yet to put it down. I formed my first band at 12 and after a few years Iron Kingdom was born. Since then we have gone on to release three full-length albums, as well as one live album. It’s been a dream come true to tour all over Canada, the USA, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, France and The UK.”

Similar stories emanate from other band members such as Nanaimo`s Joey Paul who at eight years old started playing his dad’s drum kit for fun and was introduced to Led Zeppelin shortly thereafter, and he hasn’t looked back.

Kenny Kroecher, lead and rhythm guitar, began playing piano at five and a few years later, the guitar.

Inspired by the blues-driven attack of Deep Purple, and early Rush, to the dark and heavy riffs of Black Sabbath, he has honed his talent.

And finally bass guitarist Leighton Holmes who says, “I was raised on rock. From the whisky-soaked licks of George Thorogood to the over-the-top arrangements of Queen, music is a religion for me, a way of life, the only way to live.”

Iron Kingdom will be joined by Nanaimo`s Under the Mountain.

Their sound is described by some as “somewhere between hard rock and heavy metal” and others as “balls out rock ‘n roll.”

Uncontrollably, you’ll find your head banging, feet stomping, and fists pumping to their hard hitting heavy riffs.

Iron Kingdom and Under the Mountain will be at the Waverley Hotel on Friday, March 24.

Tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance by calling the Waverley at 250-336-8322 or online at