Jenn Forsland will be performing a farewell concert for the Georgia Straight Jazz Society on Thursday, May 19, at the Flying Canoe Pub in Courtenay. Photo supplied

Jenn Forsland will be performing a farewell concert for the Georgia Straight Jazz Society on Thursday, May 19, at the Flying Canoe Pub in Courtenay. Photo supplied

Jenn Forsland’s farewell performance for Georgia Straight Jazz Society in Courtenay

By Malcolm Holt

Special to the Record

Thursday’s concert at the Flying Canoe Pub in Courtenay (1590 Cliffe Ave.) will be very special; during the past 14 years, Jenn Forsland has become a real favourite with Georgia Straight Jazz Society.

We have seen her progress from a wonderful songstress to a great entertainer, jazz singer and storyteller. With mixed feelings, we’re now witnessing Jenn move on in her career as she embarks on music education in southeast Asia. This will be her last performance with us for a long time, and we will miss her greatly.

“I am so looking forward to this gig,” Forsland said. “It will be a sweet reunion with the jazz society patrons. My relationship with the society is longstanding and one of my most treasured in the Comox Valley music scene. The work that you have done as a collective reflects the value placed on the arts in our community and I am proud to have been a part of it for so many years and to see myself reflected in your company.

“I will be playing with ‘the usual suspects’ for this gig. Rick Husband on guitar, Grahame Edwards on bass, Rachel Cooper on sax and clarinet, and Tom Tinsley on drums. To these amazing musicians and collaborators, I express my deepest appreciation for sharing their skill, talent, heart and humour with me over many years. They have lifted me up, made me a better musician and most importantly, a better human.”

Forsland went on to say that for the last 14 years, her engagement with the GSJS has been an integral part of her personal musical journey.

“I have been humbled time and again by the support and encouragement of countless musicians and music lovers. In many ways, I feel as if I have grown up in front of Comox Valley audiences and am filled with gratitude for being welcomed into and uplifted by the community.”

The set list will reflect some of Forsland’s favourite tunes, with help in selecting music from her bandmates. Each song will carry a memory of a moment in time, a specific emotion, a person, or a lesson learned. Listeners can expect some of my personal reminiscences and a walk down memory lane.

“Tunes will be pulled from the great American songbook as well as jazzy twists on contemporary songs,” she said. “I think listeners will enjoy the variety and may even find themselves singing along.”

This is bound to be a most popular show, and you’re asked to be patient with fellow jazz lovers. Share tables with others as necessary and, if you’re part of the standing audience, please accommodate other people’s sight lines as much as possible.

You are invited to visit the calendar page of to view the amazing line-up of forthcoming summer jazz shows, as well as acts already booked for the 2022-2023 season. It will be a great recovery from the pandemic era and, if you’re a music lover, you’re invited to expose yourself to Thursday Night Jazz. You’ll be glad you did!

Showtime Thursday, May 19 is 7:30 p.m. Great atmosphere, great pub food and most of all, great jazz.

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