Labels don’t fit visiting singer

Maybe it’s an ocean thing.

Maybe it’s an ocean thing.

Maybe it’s her gravitation to places that are on the fringe.  Whatever it is, Andrea Koziol is finding her way from coast to coast on her “two favourite places in the world tour” with a pair of gifted comrades and a whole lotta joy.

She performs July 21 at Joe’s Garage in Courtenay.

She calls herself a “Torch Folk Singer Songwriter” because no single label seems to fit.

Does she make folk music? Yes. But folk music in fabulous dress, that just sat down for a stiff drink with cabaret and pop.

Koziol is touring in support of her new recording Half Way Sweet, a delicious collection of music written during stolen late-night moments spent with her new obsession – the ukulele.

Songs that are an unusual dialogue between a songwriter who usually plays the piano, and the funky little instrument that’s become a pop music muse all around the world.


Inspired by acoustic folk, old time jazz, and Brazilian popular songs, Half Way Sweet is a collection of music that was written in the dark, but highlights one common thread in the fabric of the human condition. She calls it an ‘elegant ukulele’ project, and the live show is a journey not to be missed. In the words of Summerfolk artistic director Don Bird, “The live dynamic is a must! File under: Brilliantly unique.”

Koziol appears this July with friends and superstars Ian de Souza  (Sisters Euclid, Lal) on bass and Joel Schwartz (Royal Wood, Great Lake Swimmers) on guitar.

With five solo recordings to her name, Koziol has performed in every kind of venue this country has to offer. Surprisingly, there are only a very few scenarios she wishes she’d avoided altogether — like that infamous night with the trailer full of squirrels — but live and learn have made their way into her lexicon.

— Joe’s Garage