Music of Patent Leather at Elks’

Patent Leather performs this Thursday at the Elks’ hall.

Patent Leather performs this Thursday at the Elks’ hall.

It was long ago, on a dark and stormy night that Cam Masterton and Renee Forrester first met at their weekly Cantiamo Chamber Ensemble rehearsal. Little did they know, in the hopeful days of youth, that their friendship would light up less-travelled sounds.

It’s easy for Cam, being a self-taught musician to simply feel his way through penning a new song, be it a folk tune, a ballad, a show-tune or dirge.

And what will he play it on? A piano? A guitar? The harp? Or will it be the solemn sound of the human heart that will accompany him…?

But there are other paths to travel on.

Renee began writing songs under the influence of strong and fiery female warblers, spanning the sound-scape of numerous genres; folk, classical, pop, punk, art rock, cabaret, and lo-fi-rockabilly-mo-ride.

Sailing by sea coach on her way to opera school, little did her classmates know, blasting through her headphones was a surge of ’80s synth and stadium drums beckoning Renee to break from the mould of operatic bondage. Still, her soprano holds strong.

The two performers will play a mix of sparse acoustic and full-bodied electric songs; both heartfelt originals and bewildering covers. Music begins at 7:30 and is by donation.

The Elks’ hall is located at 231 Sixth St. (across from the Atlas Café). For more information, phone 250-334-2512.

— Elks