Old Mill featured in Serious Coffee art exhibit

Headquarters’ Old Mill lives on, as an art exhibit at Serious Coffee.

Headquarters was, at one time, a thriving town. A railroad, tennis courts, school, ballpark, sawmill, rows upon rows of houses, built upon the gouged earth. A large, new sawmill outside of town, with expansive walls of concrete towering into the air, windows to let natural light in and a massive, solid wooden roof supported by huge beams. In 1921, the great fire consumed the town and the forests and soon only this concrete edifice remains. Nature reclaimed the earth around the structure, a forest where once only burned ash reigned.

The Old Mill, and/or Drac’s Kastle, two of the names this ancient cathedral in the forest is known locally in Merville, is the theme of this art show.

Canvasses resembling concrete blocks showcasing graffiti defy gravity in the lower main gallery for the month of December at Serious Coffee 2760 Cliffe Ave. in Courtenay. Local artist AVANH and German expressionist Christine Randolph (in the upper gallery) invite the public Saturday, Dec. 20 for a Flash Mob Coffeehouse Art Opening, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Join them for music, coffee and conversation with old friends and meet new ones.