Oscar Robles Diaz returns to The Zo

Diaz brings his acoustic guitar to the Zocalo Café this Thursday to debut a repertoire that focuses on Spanish flamenco...

Oscar Robles Diaz returns with his acoustic guitar to the Zocalo Café this Thursday to debut a repertoire that focuses on Spanish flamenco, with a very non-traditional twist.

Cuban Trova (troubadour songs) and jazz are added to mix, and the result is a form of Flamenco Nuevo. A modern derivative of traditional flamenco, Flamenco Nuevo is a term to describe basically anything that fits under the colourful umbrella of what is known today as contemporary flamenco.

With special guests Tony Morrison on flute and saxophones, and Brittany Bowman on bass, udu drum and backup vocals, the evening at the Zocalo promises many surprises as Diaz navigates the high seas of jazz on a cruise ship making its route from Andalucia, Spain to the tropical island of Cuba, and then back again.

Asked to define flamenco for those who don’t know anything about it, Robles responds jokingly. He says “It is a bird with very long legs and pink feathers.”

“The comical comparison that stems from the art of flamenco being so commonly confused with the flamingo bird is a perfect play on the words in this case,” says Robles, “because it’s fun!”

“I wasn’t born in Spain. I was born in Mexico. I love traditional flamenco and very much respect it in its pure form.

“I also love so many other kinds of music, and this evening at the Zocalo is about that and celebrating the many flights and forms modern flamenco can take.”

The Zocalo, affectionately known as The Zo is a downtown licensed venue that regularly presents local music while serving dinner in addition to coffee and treats. Music is from 7 to 9 p.m. and by “pass-the-hat” donation with all proceeds going to the musician.

Additionally, locally produced CDs and fine handcrafted jewelry will be available for sale during this special evening of music with Oscar Robles Diaz.

For more information, contact the Zocalo Café at 250-331-0933, or visit www.zocalocafe.ca.

— Buleria Productions Co.