Roystown Pub going X-N-TRIX

Pete Pringle and Glen Gravel at the Roystown Pub

The X-N-TRIX have been a vehicle for the original music, of some of this Valley’s finest musicians, laced into the lyrics of songwriter Glen Gravel.

On Feb. 5 at “The Roy” as a duet, they are offering Pete Pringle on vocals, piano and keyboard, and Gravel on vocals, guitar and harmonica.

Pringle started playing piano at a very young age graduating The Toronto Conservatory of Music with the blues ringing in his ears. He’s played as a studio musician and as a part of numerous bands in Vancouver and is now “happily marooned” on Vancouver Island.

Gravel, while never seeking professional status, is well known in the Valley. He has played and written songs for many decades, around his life experiences, travels, sailing the west coast and having as his home, this Island we all enjoy. He is one of this Valley’s excellent songwriters and is unparalleled as a harmonica player.

As a duet, Pringle and Gravel will be playing songs they both have written and one or two of their favourite songs by other writers.

The X-N-TRIX Duet is playing Feb. 5 at The New Roystown Pub (formerly known as “The Backstreet Pub By the Sea”, which was neither on a back street nor by the sea).  There is no cover charge.