Sun will shine on Joe’s Garage

No matter what the weather, on March 2 the sun will shine on Joe’s Garage in Courtenay.

No matter what the weather, on March 2 the sun will shine on Joe’s Garage in Courtenay.

Jazzalele, a Nanaimo-based ukulele concert duo, will perform at Joe’s that evening, delivering a repertoire that ranges from classic, to Latin jazz to Hawaiian, and much more.

Anna (Acevedo) Lyman, a critically acclaimed jazz vocalist with family ties to Mexico, Puerto Rico and Brazil, is the architect and driving force behind Jazzalele.

Her four-octave voice easily covers the broad scope of music she performs, from Latin to soul (she was born in Detroit). Her voice has been compared to honey, wine and melted chocolate. Her jazz vocal stylings are world class, as are her ukulele arrangements and stunning originals.

Steve Sutton, a Victoria-based  bassist and ukulelist, has performed and jammed with many renowned musicians, including Pat Coleman, Hugh Fraser, Mowbray and Mills and Noah Becker.

His musical travels have brought him under the influence and teaching of jazz greats such as Neil Swainson, Misha Piatogorsky and Don Thompson. Steve teaches guitar, bass and ukulele in Victoria, and is involved with the promotion of the ukulele worldwide.

Anna and Steve studied ukulele with Anna’s cousin, the famed Hawaiian ukulele master Kimo Hussey. They were awed by the Hawaiian approach to the instrument, especially with regard to jazz progressions combined with Hawaiian turnarounds and unique Hawaiian conventions.

In the afternoon of March 2, Anna and Steve are giving a workshop, from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The workshop is entitled the Right Hand Rules! and is for those who want more variety in their playing. Participants will learn some techniques they can put into a song, using the right hand, that will help with both rhythm and expression.

The ukulele is both a chordal and a percussive instrument and both aspects, as well as ukulele dynamics will be taught. Those wishing to take the workshop should already have been playing for a couple of months.

Tickets for either the concert or the workshop are available at Bop City in Courtenay and the Music Plant in Campbell River. Seating is limited.

For more information, contact Linda at 250-336-8429 or e-mail

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