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Celtic harp Saturday

Roger Helfrick, baritone singer and Celtic harp player, is offering a concert this Saturday at Cumberland United Church.

Big Band Afternoon

On Sunday, April 10 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Florence Filberg Centre Conference Hall, the Evergreen Seniors Club and the Georgia Strait Big Band once again present an afternoon of live big band music.

New breed of folk songstress

Hailing from the wilds of Mayne Island, Marley Daemon is a new breed of folk songstress. Drawing on a strange array of cross-cultural artistic influences (jazz, Celtic, magic literature, Wicca, postmodern philosophy and Indian classical, to name a few), she weaves music that pushes into unexplored territory, uncovering new human emotions.
No lawyer talk in tales of sailing

No lawyer talk in tales of sailing

Capt. James Gaudin is levelheaded, ambitious and has a knack for navigating stormy seas.
Touring, 'brutal but inspiring'

Touring, 'brutal but inspiring'

Thank Delhi 2 Dublin for having a small break in their otherwise intense worldwide touring schedule to allow time for Tarun Nayar to showcase his beautiful new album live for Canadian audiences this spring.
Support for transition society

Support for transition society

You're invited to come to the 1st Tuesday Fundraiser at the Mex Pub on April 5 and listen to the contagious toe-tapping tunes of the Luke Blu Guthrie Band.
'Delicate mediation' examines our aging

'Delicate mediation' examines our aging

Sometimes what we remember isn’t real.

Big E is singalongable

On a recent holiday, the host of April's Cumberland Coffee House, Erik (The Big E) Eriksson, discovered the formula that probably explains life as we know it: E=MusiC².

Acoustic with a twist

This Saturday night at The Zocalo Café, acoustic music with a twist returns in the form of Fiftieth Parallel.

Young choir performing April 5

This term, the Comox Valley Children's Choir is green and growing, celebrating the spring with songs of new growth.
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