LETTER – Town of Comox got it right with Aspen Road development decision

Dear editor, I wonder what could have prompted Barb Tribe to write…

  • Apr 1, 2020

LETTER – Little things meant a lot back then, and they mean a lot now

Dear editor, Little things meant a lot in 1953 when this song…

  • Apr 1, 2020

LETTER – Comox council completely ignored residents’ concerns regarding Aspen Road development

Barb Tribe’s eloquent and totally factual description of Comox town council behaviour…

  • Mar 27, 2020

LETTER – Council decisions are made for the greater good of the community

Dear editor, Regarding Ms. Tribe’s letter to your office regarding the Aspen…

  • Mar 26, 2020

LETTER – Obeying the common-sense rules will defeat the virus

Dear editor, The government’s extreme measures are intended to protect vulnerable people…

  • Apr 1, 2020

Comox Valley Beefs & Bouquets switches to ‘Only Bouquets’

We are all in need of positive reinforcement; send us your cheerful notes

  • Mar 24, 2020
Courtenay residential neighbourhood salutes frontline workers
Accordion player safely shares power of music
Chalet fire
Coldest Night of the Year Walk

LETTER – Name-calling in letters to the editor does nothing to strengthen the argument

I read the latest letter and the beefs responding to Angela Bennett’s…

  • Mar 23, 2020

LETTER – Downtown Courtenay BIA responds to letter critical of traffic in city’s core

Dear editor, This letter is in response to the letter by Jamie…

  • Mar 20, 2020

LETTER – Think you’re getting quality care at a private long-term care home? Think again

Dear editor, In February, the Seniors Advocate Report came out and had…

  • Mar 19, 2020

LETTER – Pedestrian commuter concerned with driving habits in Courtenay core

Dear editor, I’m writing this letter out of frustration with the almighty…

  • Mar 19, 2020

LETTER – Comox council reminds letter writer of the Sunday comics

Dear editor, Does anyone remember the old days when we used to…

  • Mar 18, 2020

Comox Valley Beefs & Bouquets for week of March 10

Beef to “anti-tippers,” bouquets to various businesses

  • Mar 12, 2020

LETTER – Resident saddened to hear of Comox Valley Waldorf School closing

Dear editor, I am writing to tell you what a huge role…

  • Mar 12, 2020

LETTER – Comox Valley school district should consider better forecasting method

Dear editor, Your article regarding the lack of space in public schools…

  • Mar 12, 2020

LETTER – Herring fisherman offers industry’s side of the debate

Paid protestors want to stop a way of life they know nothing about

  • Mar 11, 2020

LETTER – Meeting attendee disappointed but not surprised with the letter attacking opposition to Comox development

Dear editor, I read Angela Bennett’s letter with great disappointment but, sadly,…

  • Mar 9, 2020

LETTER – B.C. government should introduce protocol to protect province’s seniors during Covid-19 outbreak

Dear editor, If Covid-19 was a disease that had a 10 per…

  • Mar 9, 2020

LETTER – Resident says ‘boomer’ sense of entitlement evident at public hearing for Comox development

Dear editor, I took the opportunity to sit through Thursdays’ public open…

  • Mar 6, 2020

LETTER – Resident ponders City of Courtenay’s infrastructure priorities

Dear editor, I applaud Courtenay city council’s efforts in establishing more infrastructure…

  • Mar 5, 2020