Canadians could be pulling together under visionary leadership

Canadians could be pulling together under visionary leadership

Dear editor,

One has only to glance at a map of elected representatives after the Oct. 21 election and the stark reality of a deeply divided country is as obvious as the motives behind Doug Ford’s silly gas pump carbon tax stickers.

Yet, not one of our newly elected leaders suggested any kind of a plan to heal our regional divisions in their lazy/limp renditions of we did well – however great the losses – and mumbo jumbo about let’s move forward (into the abyss of a nearly mortally divided country?)

Premiers Kenney and Moe can hold their breaths/stomp their feet all they want— oil will soon become as stranded an asset as stone quarries 5,000 years ago.

Building a pipeline to move bitumen to docks on the B.C. coast makes no sense in a world turning away from fossil fuels.

Instead of quarreling apart, Canadians could, under visionary leadership, be pulling together. The prairies have incredible opportunities to grow a green economy based on alternative energy sources, sustainable agriculture and redirecting our economy to producing durable, energy-efficient products powered by green energy.

Instead of investing billions in dead-end pipelines we could be investing in a people and environment supporting the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal could be the kind of visionary leadership that heals differences. Implementing a Green New Deal could even become a way of convincing the people of Quebec that we all have a common interest in putting our sectarian quarrels aside and getting on with working together for a future that addresses the challenge of climate change and builds a country that works for all of us.

Norm Reynolds