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LETTER: Automated garbage system costs more and is less efficient

New automated garbage system costs more and is less efficient
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Dear editor,

I’m guilty of not paying attention to local elections, but not anymore.

We were told the new garbage/recycle pick-up service would reduce the overall cost; it actually went up by more than 30 per cent. The garbage container is half the size and now picked up bi-weekly instead of weekly.
I get the issue with the landfill. However, does the town get the issue of having two small children in diapers? And no, I won’t store soiled diapers in my freezer until the next pick-up. 

The Town of Comox is offering a cart change service (additional or larger containers) at $35. Struggling with inflation, debt and a high-interest mortgage coupled with property tax increases makes living in Comox a tight rope act.

A bit more consultation before implementing new programs would be appreciated.

Grant Edwards,