Letter: Time to adapt and embrace to the new normal

Letter: Time to adapt and embrace to the new normal

COVID fatigue is real, says Comox doctor

Dear editor,

Okay, Comox Valley. This is it. You don’t want to hear more about COVID. It’s tiring. It’s been months. You suspect it will be many months more.

We need to dance*.

We need to continue to adapt to what our trusted public health, medical and scientific leaders tell us. But we need to adapt to our new normal and embrace it.

COVID fatigue is real. And it is dangerous. We need to learn to be crocodiles: Relaxed, aware but not expending excess energy – lowering our risks by wearing masks in indoor public spaces, physically distancing where possible, maintaining good hand hygiene – but ready to bolt to attention when called to it.

This is a long haul. A slow burn. It will be many months before we get through. A long winter.

We have worked hard to keep our numbers low. To continue our success and sustain our physical and mental health we must remain vigilant, but relaxed. Nail the basics: Aerobic exercise (get warm clothes and good Goretex!), a balanced diet and safe social interactions.

We are truly all in this together.

*Dance means: Play outside, keep our physical and mental health fuel tanks full. Be kind, be calm, be safe and build community.


Alex Nataros MD

Port Augusta Family Practice