No place for fireworks in the Valley

No place for fireworks in the Valley

Dear editor,

As a long-time resident of the Valley and dog owner for just as many, I can agree and many others I have talked to, that there’s no place for fireworks in our communities.

Every time fireworks are let off, our dog absolutely freaks out. When we go to walk him in the evening and he he ars them, he just wants to bolt.

When we go to bed we have to put him in the mudroom with a radio on so he can’t hear the noise. People are becoming more insensitive to our pets and wildlife when it comes to fireworks.

Even though you’re supposed to have a permit to let them off outside city limits, many people still don’t. They are even letting them off in the city limits where we live which is against the law. And it’s just not for the one night, they are constantly going off days later.

I encourage the City of Courtenay to consider banning them outright.

Yolande Munroe

Comox Valley