USW workers should accept wage offer and compromise

This strike has gone on for far too long and the wage offer by Western should be accepted

  • Dec 12, 2019

LETTER – Concerns about developer plans does not equate to NIMBYism

Dear editor, Recently our Valley community was branded “Nomox” with something called…

  • Dec 12, 2019

LETTER – Four storeys are two storeys too high

Dear editor, In reply to Ryan Smith Comox (NIMBYism is alive and…

  • Dec 12, 2019
Comox Valley Women's Memorial March
School emergency exercise
Hwy 19 protesters harassed
Highway 19 protest

WFP the Grinch who stole Christmas

It makes me really sad that you don’t understand the labour relations side of the business.

  • Dec 10, 2019

LETTER – Courtenay Mayor Bob Wells responds to downtown business owner’s letter regarding Fifth Street Bridge

Dear editor, A recent letter to the editor from Michael Gilbert had…

  • Dec 6, 2019

LETTER – Royston neighbourhood hosts emergency preparedness workshop

Thirty neighbours in the Laurel heights area gathered at the Royston Community…

  • Dec 5, 2019

LETTER – Rail service north of the Malahat is simply not sustainable

Dear editor, The Nov. 7 article Rail Lines on the Horizon for…

  • Dec 5, 2019

LETTER – Downtown business owner calls out ‘agenda-driven’ councillors

Dear citizens of Courtenay, Getting tired of bike lanes, bottleneck traffic, a…

  • Dec 4, 2019

LETTER – Comox Valley Regional District management responds to complaints about possible recycle depot closures

Dear editor, Re: LETTER – District should encourage recycling, not make it…

  • Dec 4, 2019

LETTER – District should encourage recycling, not make it more difficult

Dear editor, RE: CSWM may close recycling depots – Nov. 19 Record…

  • Nov 28, 2019

LETTER – Cyclists have same rights and duties as motorists

Dear editor, Regarding the “Beef” in the CV Record, Nov. 5: “Why…

  • Nov 28, 2019

LETTER – Courtenay needs a properly engineered site to address homelessness

Dear editor, I was shocked to hear that Courtenay council and apparently…

  • Nov 28, 2019

LETTER – NIMBYism alive and well in the Comox Valley

Dear editor, I opened up the Record this morning to see another…

  • Nov 28, 2019

LETTER – Comox Valley Seniors Village management company responds to letter

Dear editor, I wish to respond to a letter (Ban on foreign…

  • Nov 28, 2019

No place for fireworks in the Valley

Dear editor, As a long-time resident of the Valley and dog owner…

  • Nov 19, 2019

Clear-cut logging needs to stop

Dear editor, I am writing in regards to logging practices since 2003.…

  • Nov 19, 2019

Writer supports establishment of camp/shelter for homeless

I was shocked the other day to hear that Courtenay council, and…

  • Nov 19, 2019

Not all landlords are rich

Dear editor, Re. the Nov. 5 article: Courtenay landlord challenged by maximum…

  • Nov 19, 2019

BC Ferries ships jobs to Holland

The reality may be there is no physical space to build these…

  • Nov 18, 2019

Renter tired of ‘Not here’ letters, opinions

As a renter in the Comox Valley who has spent the last…

  • Nov 18, 2019