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Football and cheerleader registration open for 2024 year in Comox Valley

The Comox Valley Raiders opened their first ever spring cheer program in 2022. For the 2024 year, a new program has been announced that will include competitions in Vancouver. Football and cheerleading are open for registration for the 2024 year. Photo supplied

Registration is open for football.

President of the Comox Valley Raiders Joanne Lewis said slots are nearly full for the teenagers’ tackle league — roughly 95 per cent. But there’s room for interested kids in the no-contact version of the sport for ages six to eight.

Lewis said no-contact, flag football is a great way for kids to learn if they like the sport.

“Players get the thrill of the game without the tackling,” said Lewis. “We are fostering friendships. We are allowing great life lessons like discipline and sportsmanship.”

Interest in football has boomed over the past six years, according to the club president. Over 200 players signed up last year, whereas just seven registered in the past.

The Raiders club is also introducing a new football training program that would teach kids more about the sport.


There’s also cheerleading programs open for registration.

For the first time, the Raiders plan to have a competitive cheerleading squad. The new team is being formed this year and is planned to travel to Vancouver for a competition in November. This would be for kids ages 12 to 18.

Alternatively, there’s also a cheerleading program without competition. For kids interested in cheerleading without the competition, there’s a sideline cheer program for ages six to 18.

Interested parents in football, flag football or cheerleading can go to

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