Dr. Michelle Sands Hormone Restoration Masterclass Review – Menopause Harmony Over 35

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Hormone Restoration… But Their Doctors Aren’t Telling Them is a webinar that helps users learn how to keep their hormones balanced in menopause. The training program works great for women over 40 and is free for anyone to attend.

What is the BHRT Webinar?

Menopause is a significant change in any woman’s life, but no one is ever truly prepared for it. In grade school, girls learn about the upcoming changes that puberty will push upon them. As teenagers, they have “the talk” with their mothers or close female friends. They even have time to prepare for pregnancy if that’s their chosen path. However, amongst all of these changes and discussions, most women are wholly unprepared for menopause. In a new webinar, they’ll learn all they could ever need to know.

The BHRT webinar is better known as What Every Woman Needs to Know About Hormone Restoration… But Their Doctors Aren’t Telling Them – changes everything women think they know about this significant hormonal shift. Most women enter menopause without much direction, so it is essential to check out this webinar and be more educated. Instead of seeing menopause as a death to fertility, they can understand the changes they need to make to restore hormones.

Containing information that any woman over 40 can benefit from, the program is entirely free. By the end, users will understand what they need to do to sleep better, establish mental clarity, and balance their moods.

About Dr. Michelle Sands and Glow Natural Wellness

This webinar is the result of the work of the Glow Natural Wellness team, led by Dr. Michelle Sands. Dr. Sands is the platform’s co-founder, working as a naturopathic physician, and she authored Hormone Harmony Over 35: A New, Natural, Whole-Body Approach to Limitless Female Health. She’s contributed to many causes to teach users about menopause, including her work with Endocrine Web and The Perimenopause Summit.

As an expert on female hormones and metabolism, Dr. Sands has been featured in USA Today, Fox News, the Boston Herald, and other publications. She’s personally struggled with many health ailments, making her goal of educating women about these deeply personal concerns. At just 20 years old, she started premature menopause when she was diagnosed with primary ovarian failure. As she learned more about her condition, she discovered that nature has everything women need to live a healthy life. All of the opportunities available through Glow Natural Wellness support that.

Claiming a Spot with the BHRT Webinar

Users must register for a spot to get involved with the BHRT Webinar. Regardless of which webinar the user chooses, they won’t have to pay a fee. However, they will need to enter their name and email address.

After they register, attendees will receive an email from Glow Natural Wellness and Dr. Michelle Sands. In the email, she explains that the training will focus on balancing hormones through menopause and perimenopause. Women can discover the fastest ways to keep their hormones balanced after age 40, and they’ll have a personal audience with Dr. Sands at the end of the masterclass.

The email provides the link users must follow to attend at their selected time.

Contacting Glow Natural Wellness

Though this event is free to attend, consumers who want to learn more even can reach out to Dr. Michelle for questions, interviews, speaking engagements, and more. She can be reached via phone or email.

  • Telephone: 1-855-928-4442
  • Email address: support@glownaturalwellness.com


This webinar is about educating women about improving their hormonal balance and providing tips they’ve never heard from their doctor. The information is free to access, and no other purchases are required to get involved. However, you must register for one of the limited time slots to access the content, helping women to stop dealing with the quintessential changes that can make menopause difficult. Visit the official website to register today!

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