Tanner Hill is taking what he learned in the hospitality industry to better serve his clients at Galaxy Motors in Courtenay.

Tanner Hill is taking what he learned in the hospitality industry to better serve his clients at Galaxy Motors in Courtenay.

From tending bar to selling cars, it’s all about the people at Courtenay dealership

When Tanner Hill took a friend’s advice and made the move from working in the hospitality industry to selling vehicles, he knew the skills he’d gained would serve him well in his new career.

“I’d been in the hospitality industry all my working life, including working as a bartender through COVID, which was hard, but I learned a lot about people,” Hill says. “When a friend who’d moved from hospitality into car sales suggested I do the same, I applied at Galaxy Motors, and the rest is history!”

Hill says he knew his listening skills and ability to connect with people would translate well into the world of auto sales.

“Sales has always interested me, and I knew that I could bring the skills I’d learned to the table,” Hill says. “When someone goes out to the bar it’s either to hang out with friends, or sit at the bar, tell your problems to the bartender, and maybe even be vulnerable.”

In the six months he’s been a sales associate at Galaxy Motors Courtenay, he’s also seen vulnerability in the car shoppers he serves.

“When people come in to buy a vehicle they can be scared and nervous, partly because they have a pre-determined concept of how it’s going to go, based on the classic stereotype about car sales,” he reflects. “That type of sales person no longer exists, but the stigma still does – I used to have it too!”

According to Hill, in today’s business environment, being upfront and honest with your customer is absolutely essential.

“It’s actually much easier to be completely transparent with people,” he says. “I’m just like you, so I get that you already know what you want. I think of myself as more of an advisor, guiding you through the process and helping you justify the second biggest purchase of your life.”

At Galaxy Motors Courtenay they tailor the pre-owned vehicle buying experience, taking the extra time to make sure their customers make the best decision for their needs.

And if you’re curious about applying your skills to a new career, get in touch!

“We’re always looking for talented individuals,” says Galaxy General Sales Manager Mike Heninger. “People who genuinely like people, who are able to carry a conversation, have a good memory and most importantly, are motivated and take pride in what they do. Oftentimes, those in the hospitality industry have many if not all of these attributes.

”This is what drew us to Tanner Hill – he’s been great to work with, his clients love him and we believe he has a long and positive career ahead of him in the car business.”

Follow Galaxy Motors Courtenay on Facebook and Instagram, or contact Tanner at tanner@galaxymotors.net before heading to 605 Crowne Isle Blvd. to check out the selection.

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