Nate is one of the many friendly faces at Peninsula Co-op

Nate is one of the many friendly faces at Peninsula Co-op

Local gas company drives community spirit

If you drive a car that needs gas, or any other petroleum-powered vehicle, filling up is just a fact of life. So if you have to put your hard-earned cash into keeping your wheels spinning, why not make sure it goes back into your local community? (And if you can earn a rebate, too, all the better!)

Keeping it local

Peninsula Co-op has been keeping Island motorists going since 1977 with its unique business model that prioritizes both customers and the communities they live in. Through local support, the Co-op grew, and today this locally owned and operated business believes that giving back where you live and work is the right way to do things. They have 18 beautiful locations to serve you including Comox and Campbell River, and from Duncan south including Langford to Sidney.

Peninsula Co-op shares its profits with its members and with their community. For a one-time lifetime membership fee of $27, members earn a yearly cash-back rebate on everything they buy without the hassle of collecting points or worrying about an annual membership fee.

Helpful staff, like Courage, are at every Peninsula Co-op

Helpful staff, like Courage, are at every Peninsula Co-op

Paying it forward

Because they’re part of the communities they service, Peninsula Co-op gives where they do business, directly benefiting a broad spectrum of organizations and community groups. In addition to direct support, your community group, school, or team can get its own Co-op number which members or supporters can use when they fill up! The rebate earned goes directly to your organization. What could be easier?

Service with a smile

If great rebates and one-time membership fees aren’t enough, Peninsula Co-op offers full service at a self-service price! Simply pull in and enjoy old-fashioned car service – when was the last time attendants filled your tank, cleaned your windshield and checked your oil, all with a friendly smile and a biscuit for your furry co-pilot?

Pleasing to the eye too

Their commitment to the community extends to the landscaping too. Gas stations conjure images of concrete and gas pumps, but Peninsula Co-op’s grounds defy the norm! Not only will you find lovely landscaping, but at the Aspen & Guthrie location you’ll also enjoy the creations of renowned local artist Alex Witcombe, of Drifted Creations who grew up right in that very neighbourhood. Inside, the stations are spic and span, and the washrooms are second to none. (In fact, GasBuddy recently rated Co-op as having the best washrooms in the country!

Still not convinced? Ask around — Peninsula Co-op rewards its members with $10 for every new member they refer, and $100 for every new employee they refer.

Learn more at and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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