Peeps Reviews (CarbonKlean) Crystal Clear Lenses for Clean Glasses?

Cleaning the glasses becomes a regular part of the glasses wearer’s routine. They need to clean their glasses nearly twice or thrice times per day because the glasses become prone to fingerprints and casual smudges. However, people do not always get access to the ideal tools to clean their glasses; due to this, the process of cleaning them becomes not only tedious but an expensive affair. To clean glasses, Peeps seems unmatched. This is a little handheld device that utilizes carbon for attracting as well as removing the oils that smear and smudge the surfaces of the lenses. Peeps are found with a goat hair brush that works to prevent the glasses’ delicate surface coatings.

While cleaning with Peeps, people do not need any external cloth or spray. According to the company, if you see a smudge on the surface of the lens, you need to breathe on it gently. After this, you can slide the cleaner over the smudges in a circular motion gently.

What are Peeps used for?

Peeps is acknowledged as a groundbreaking cleaning method that works for all glasses that include reading glasses, everyday glasses, safety glasses, and sunglasses. Irrespective of the kind of glasses people use and wear, they can use Peeps to clean them easily, safely, and quickly without harming the glasses’ coating or surface. While cleaning with Peeps, the most vital thing you need to be mindful of is the surface of your glasses is highly delicate. Though most people get a scratch coating on their lenses to shield the surface if they use improper products, the scratch coating can protect it. But when people use Peeps, it can protect their glasses lenses similar to those costly camera lenses. Hence, people get lasting and clear lenses without any surface scratches.

The Peeps glasses cleaner works on ionic charge attraction, and it can last for a long time. If the version of the company website is to be believed, every time people close this glass cleaner into its case, it gets recharged up to five hundred uses.

Peeps utilize an exclusive invisible carbon cleaning component to easily and safely remove oily fingerprints, dust, facial oils, and smudges from sunglasses, reading glasses, and eyeglasses.

The remarkable thing is Peeps is regarded as a harmless lens cleaning technology as this device utilizes carbon microfiber technology that NASA uses for lens cleaning.

Exclusive features of Peeps

People love the exclusive features that Peeps has:

  • Peeps can clean the lenses five hundred times.
  • Every person can use this device easily, and it never expires. Again, Peeps is also a compact device.
  • This glasses cleaner uses a patented cleaning process that is harmless for lens coatings.
  • You will find Peeps glasses cleaner in various colors that include Space Grey, Electroplated Gold, and Rose Gold finishes.
  • People can gift this glasses cleaner.

What does Peeps look like?

Peeps are shaped similarly to a pair of pincers, and it is found with cleaning sponges that remain connected at the tips. This is an entirely different contact-free cleaning solution that works for both sunglasses and corrective glasses. The pads of Peeps were intended to be safe and were created using the same CMT (Carbon Microfiber Technology) that NASA uses for keeping the lenses and windows of the ISS (International Space Station) clear and sparkling clean.

The process of using Peeps

You can use Peeps in the following process:

  • Moisten the lenses’ surface lightly by sparing on a cleaning solution or water that your ophthalmologist or optician has suggested.
  • Slide the Peeps and make circular motions. You need to swipe the cleaning pads to remove smudges and moisture.
  • For the opposite lens, repeat the same process.
  • After you have cleaned both lenses, you should clean the Peeps utilizing the brush that is available in the kit.

Peeps from the house of Carbon Clean fit in people’s hands easily. Regardless of whether the glasses are made of plastic or glass, peeps glides and slides over the glasses’ surface easily. It works equally on all kinds of glasses. People use these glasses cleaner on their tablets or mobile devices.

Benefits of using Peeps

Based on the reviews that the customers of Peeps have provided, the following are some benefits that you can get from using Peeps:

  • Peeps make clear vision – Peeps cleaning pads have carbon molecule material that mops off smudges efficiently and effectively, and it ensures the clarity of lenses. The carbon molecule is non-abrasive; hence, it does not scratch up the plastic or glass specs’ lenses.
  • Visual safety – Besides averting scratches that blur people’s vision, Peeps also prevents the lenses from being fogged up from cold or heat.
  • Maximum functionality – Peeps keeps every kind of spectacles clean. Again, it is small enough so people can carry it in their pockets. It also keeps the lenses shiny no matter wherever people go.
  • Environment friendly – Peeps glasses cleaner is created from only sustainably-sourced components.

Where should a person buy Peeps?

To ensure a safe purchase, people must buy their Peeps glasses cleaner from only the official website of Carbon Clean. This company also sells replacement pads, and it is an excellent thing as every set is good for five hundred cleans. It would be a wise decision to avert Amazon Resellers from buying Peeps as it might result in a loss of refund policy.

What can you clean with Peeps?

Peep’s eyeglass cleaner from the house of Carbon Clean works excellently for prescription eyeglasses, cosmetic eyeglasses, and sunglasses. You can also use it for some handheld digital devices like smart watches, micro media players, and mobile devices.

What is Peeps not best utilized for?

Due to the small size of Peeps, it does not work well with items that are bigger than mobile phone screens. Hence, people must not use it for tablet or iPad screens.

The final word

Every person wants to have progressive antimicrobial technology to clean their glasses, and in this context, Peeps is the best. This device removes blemishes and dirt on the eyewear effectively. Peeps are portable and can be used for more devices other than glasses only.

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